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Medical Groep

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SharpMinds is not only the name of our company but the essence of our people. We believe that the best IT solutions come from strong teams of brilliant talents.

With our assistance, you can build a team of your dream to fulfill your most ambitious business ideas. In a favorable work environment, where the main value is trust and direct communication, your developers will be totally involved in your project.

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Gijs Tempel

Gijs Tempel

Medical Groep

We have been working with SharpMinds for 3 years now, and since the start of cooperation it just goes really well. When we started, they help us to find the correct programmers for our CareUp app, but after they helped us also with our planning system for Medical Groep. I think our programmers and 3D artist are really motivated and they work hard, so we are very satisfied with our team here, in Ukraine. If somebody is looking for development and offshoring I always recommend SharpMinds as a reliable partner.

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“Increase your development capacity by hiring a dedicated remote team at SharpMinds without recruitment fuss!”

Lennaert Groen

Lennaert Groen

Manager SharpMinds

lgroen@sharpminds.nl +31611239296