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Need .Net developers to expand your team?

Are you looking for additional development capacity to accelerate your .Net software development project? We are here for you! With the proven SharpMinds method, we ensure a qualitative and sustainable solution that perfectly matches your wishes. Not only do we provide you with the best .Net developers from Ukraine, but we also create the conditions for long-term success with our service package. Our goal is to build a partnership that feels like an extension of your own business. Open, personal and engaged. That is the key to nearshoring success!

We have been helping Dutch companies grow faster from Ukraine since 2005

Through our extensive years of experience, we know that a personal approach works best. That is why, apart from a balanced .Net development team, we also provide value-added services that highly strengthen the relationship between your organization and SharpMinds. The starting point is that our developers form a real extension of your own in-house talent. Additionally, we create a personal relationship with direct communication, dedicated support, and a complete front-to-back recruitment process where you are actively involved. Our goal is to not only be a supplier, but your strategic partner as well.

The SharpMinds success formula


Only the best solution will do.

Our philosophy is based on finding suitable candidates for every company and project.


Full service package.

Our aim is to grow your business, without providing you any extra work.

No concessions,only the benefits.

Our developers are familiar with all techniques. Invest in additional development capacity, without sacrificing knowledge and skills.

Dedicated .Net developers, always available

The development team you put together at SharpMinds works fully dedicated to your project. This means that you can count on them at any time of the day, and don’t have to worry about them being occupied by other clients. In addition, our developers and the SharpMinds project manager have been involved in the entire process from a to z, which means that they know what’s what. This will help you to grow even faster!

Ready to scale up faster?

For us, expansion and accelerating development are our daily focus.
We know how to help you scale up quickly, because we can rely on a large pool of talents
in case your team or company is ready for extra expansion.

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100% openness and transparancy

SharpMinds has an open and honest working culture. Both within the projects and in the communication with the customer. We provide openness in our rates and facility costs, so that this can be discussed in the negotiations or discussions. Furthermore, our primary focus is to work with you in order to build a stable and trusted relationship.

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“Increase your development capacity by hiring a dedicated remote team at SharpMinds without recruitment fuss!”

Lennaert Groen

Lennaert Groen

Manager SharpMinds

lgroen@sharpminds.nl +31611239296