How it works


Define requirements

SharpMinds consultants collect customer project and profile requirements.


Find candidates

SharpMinds recruitment team attracts skillful candidates.


Select the best

SharpMinds project coordination team pre-selects matching candidates.


Interview with customer

SharpMinds customer conducts project interview.


Monitoring cooperation

SharpMinds project coordinator initiates and monitors cooperation state.


Evaluate performance

SharpMinds supports the team and the customer with performance evaluation process.


Share knowledge

SharpMinds facilitates knowledge sharing and technical growth.


Work together

SharpMinds organizes business trips for the customers and the teams to work together.

Dedicated teams

Through our SharpMinds offices in Ukraine we set up development teams for companies that need extra capacity. Our strength is providing dedicated teams that work exclusively for our customers.

We recruit people based on Customer project needs and profile specifications. We find it very important to consider both soft skills and hard skills of every candidate.

Long-term cooperation

The remote development team works full time for our Customers at SharpMinds fully-equipped offices, just like in-house team. You can treat them as your own employees with whom you communicate directly.

Your remote developers at SharpMinds will work according with your organizational methodology and follow your company working process.

Customer success team in Ukraine

Halyna Balanyuk

Account Director

Natalia Zhuk

HR Director

Iryna Shubravska

Recruitment manager

Vladyslava Valiavska

Project manager

Customer success team in the Netherlands

Nardo Lambregts


Dion Metz

Sales consultant

Arjan Seunninga

Director Technology

Outsource to Ukraine!

We have been working with the Dutch customers for more than 14 years. During this period we have built more than 30 remote software development teams on our Customers' request.

Building your remote team at SharpMinds is easy, fast and fully in scope of Dutch legislation. It usually takes around 4-8 weeks to recruit a needed specialist in Ukraine. Thus, your remote team is easy to scale up anytime during cooperation.

Over these years, we have developed smooth management process to meet our Customers needs and help them cooperate with remote team efficiently.

Within technology availability, communication and work monitoring of remote developers is no longer an issue. To build strong working relationships, we recommend our Customers to visit our offices and their teams in Ukraine and invite developers to the Netherlands.