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We offer all of our website visitors the opportunity to manage cookies by themselves. We use functional cookies, analytics cookies and tracking cookies on this website. The functional cookies are necessary for the basic funtionalities of the website. The analytics cookies are essential to make the website more user-friendly for you. The tracking cookies ensure that we can provide you with relevant information on other sites. On this page you can read which cookies we use and you can also easily disable the tracking cookies for this website.

Functional cookies

Name Description
PHPSESSID Temporarily save information from your session (website visit).
For example, you do not have to re-enter a form if you reload a page, or do not fill in all fields correctly at once.
catAccCookies Cookie set by the cookie consent plugin to record that you accept the fact that the site uses cookies.
cf7msm_check Contact Form multistep module – check in which step of form you are
Functional cookies, used for enable/disable each analytics cookie

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